Ue Efrr

Aging chamber

The aging chamber is a device that facilitates prototyping, enabling heating up to 200°C under reduced pressure of a few mbar.

The most significant device features:

  • made in HV (high vacuum) standard
  • vacuum obtained using a 1-stage rotary oil pump with the possibility of using a 2-stage pump to reach a higher vacuum

  • the chamber consists of a main chamber with a vacuum door and a flange with a built-up furnace. These components have separate frames.
  • reduction of heat transfer between the furnace and the chamber achieved through the use of a thermal screen made of corrugated aluminum foil
  • the possibility of conducting tests at atmospheric pressure. Then, it is necessary to use an additional thermal shield to protect against burns due to significant heating of the chamber


The pressure inside the chamber

< 2 mbar using 1-stage pomp
< 10ˉ² mbar using 2-stage pomp

optional: atmospheric pressure – the need to use an additional thermal shield with a thickness of about 2 cm

Chamber tightness

10ˉ⁸ mbar*l/s


from room temperature up to 200°

Furnace dimensions

square internal section 400×400 mm
volume above 100 l

Furnace construction

5 mm thick steel sheet

Heaters 4 tubular heaters in a stainless steel sheath in the shape of a rounded M letter
power of each heater: 250 W
Vacuum head

Pirani head (thermal conductivity)
Measurement range: 1×10-4 to 1000 Torr

Process control system

control of the pump operation and automatic closing and opening of the air valve

Temperature and process controller for measuring and three-way regulation of temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, and other quantities in various technological processes by controlling a control valve or a throttle

Voltage: 210 – 230 VAC
Frequency: 50 Hz
Current consumption: Max. 16 A
Power consumption: do 2 kW