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Advanced solutions
for science and industry

MeasLine sp. z o.o. is a company that focuses on designing and manufacturing research and measuring devices and distributing specialized measuring equipment.

We specialize in producing research systems, ranging from small-scale research devices to complex systems that enable work in a wide range of vacuums up to UHV and temperatures from 4 K to 2,500 K.

In our company, we combine scientific knowledge with experience and innovative approaches. We provide state-of-the-art solutions tailored to meet our customer’s needs. We approach each project individually, paying attention to every detail at all stages of product development.

Additionally, we organize training in vacuum technology and atomic force microscopy.

Recent projects

System for testing molten metals properties

The system has been designed in cooperation with the AGH University of Science and Technology and IMIM PAN for testing the properties of liquid metals, alloys, glasses, slags, and other substances. It enables the analysis of material properties in high vacuum conditions or under atmospheric pressure of shielding gases at temperatures up to 2100°C.

Kriostat pracujący w obiegu zamkniętym

Electromagnet adapted cryostat

The TeraGaN system is a cryostat adapted to a superconducting electromagnet. It allows to obtain temperatures below 10 K without the liquid helium usage, using a cryogenic head of the Pulse tube type working in a closed circuit. The device is dedicated to the processes and phenomena occurring at low temperatures analysis in the electromagnetic field presence.

Reaktor do badań spektroskopowych HT-IRS 01

The HT-IRS 01 reactor for spectroscopic studies

The reactor is an extension to infrared spectrometers operating in transmission mode. Its universal design makes it fully compatible with all IR spectrometers.