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Thin layer deposition

We offer a variety of systems that enable the deposition of thin layers by physical vapor deposition method (PVD) based, among others, on magnetron sputtering techniques, thermal evaporation, or systems using a combination of lithography and AFM techniques, enabling the creation of structures with atomic resolution.

All thin film deposition systems can be customized to customer requirements. The price of these devices depends on the complexity of the system. 

Vacuum systems for thin-layer deposition

Compact sputtering system LPNW01

Compact benchtop sputtering system for surface metallization equipped with a container for transferring samples between the coating system and the glove box under controlled atmospheric conditions

Kompaktowa napylarka

Magnetron system for coating deposition MCS 787

A system is designed for metalizing the surface of samples or depositing thin non-metallic layers by sputtering with up to four magnetron sources. The device is equipped with a linear transfer.

Compact sputtering system for surface metallization

A device allowing the deposition of thin layers by thermal and magnetron methods, equipped with a loading chamber

PVDS 700 coating deposition system

System for thin-layer deposition using the PVD method based on the thermal evaporation

Vacuum components for thin layers deposition

Magnetron 2" z przesłoną


Magnetrons enable the deposition of thin layers using the PVD method from metallic (conductive) and ceramic targets, e.g., oxides. They are equipped with valves supplying working gas. They can be adjusted to targets of 1″, 2″, 3″, or 4″ diameters.

Thermal deposition devices

Devices designed for the deposition of monolayers and multilayers using the PVD technique based on evaporation by electron bombardment from a source in the form of a wire, rod, or crucible in a wide range of temperatures.