Ue Efrr


Systems designed to obtain and maintain low temperatures.

Dsc 6171

Optical cryostat adapted to the superconducting electromagnet

cryostat adapted to a superconducting electromagnet.  It enables obtaining temperatures below 10 K without liquid helium usage, using a cryogenic head operating in a closed circuit. The device has been designed to enable the terahertz radiation introduction through specially selected windows into the vacuum chamber.

Kriostat optyczny z głowicą kriogeniczną typu CH-204-M

Optical cryostat with cryogenic head type CH-204-M

a device enabling obtaining temperatures in the range from 10 K to 500 K, adapted for connection to a high-pressure chamber and measurements using an optical microscope

Laboratoryjny kriostat azotowy

Laboratory nitrogen cryostat

A device that allows obtaining and maintaining temperatures from the boiling point of nitrogen to 500 K.