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Laser ablation head with supersonic gas stream

The ablation technique makes it possible to remove successive atomic layers of the target by interacting with a laser beam. This method can be used for cleaning the surface by removing subsequent layers and applying materials sprayed from the target to the selected substrate. The head is equipped with a gear system, allowing the the target to the laser beam positioning. It enables continuous rotation of the disc during the process, obtaining even removal of layers over the entire surface, as well as adjusting the setting to the size of the disc changing as a result of the process. The plasma obtained during the ablation process can be analyzed using an additional laser beam.

The most significant device features:

  • Cylindrical disc ablation
  • The disc is rotated by a DC motor – ensuring even removal of layers
  • Possibility of adjusting the position of the disc relative to the head axis of symmetry
  • The device made in HV technology
  • Adaptation of the head to the vacuum chamber owned by the Customer
  • Possibility to analyze plasma resulting from ablation with a laser beam
Laser Ablation


Disc dimensions diametr: 25-30 mm
thickness: 4-5 mm
Rotational speed about 20 rpm
speed controller motor