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Rotating probe holder

Rotating probe holder

The Rotating probe holder is designed to place the sample inside a laboratory magnet. The rotating arm of the manipulator is an element enabling the positioning of the sample together with the microwave probe. The device is equipped with a stepper motor with appropriate software. The manipulator is mounted in a way that enables movement outside the electromagnet to replace and position the sample. The mounting bracket is equipped with a camera used during positioning.

The most significant device features:

  • designed to position the sample inside the magnet
  • the ability to rotate the sample with the probe in 2 axes in the range of 0-360° using stepper motors

  • the ability to rotate the sample inside a circle with a diameter < 50mm

  • the device has a vacuum sample-holding system
  • minimization of clearances through the use of a drive transmission system
  • adapted frame with a stable structure, enabling the assembly of a laboratory electromagnet



Rotation range

in 2 axes in the range of 0-360º – the possibility of obtaining any angle

any rotation possible inside a circle with a diameter < 50mm

Sample and probe mount

sample: vacuum system

microwave probe: mount for up-down adjustment and limited lateral tilt


components that may be in the area of high magnetic fields made of non-magnetic materials

Rotation 2 stepper motors in 32 microstep mode or more accurate
Software enabling stepper motors control
Frame dimensions

800x900x700 mm

Construction Steel