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System do aktywacji plazmowej

System for plasma surface activation

The device is designed to activate surfaces with low-pressure oxygen plasma. The essential part of the system is a vacuum chamber, enabling the introduction of a steel basket that can be rotated during the plasma plating process. The rotation ensures even activation of the entire surface of details made of steel or plastic placed in the basket. The chamber was designed in a way that allows for expansion with a water cooling system. The system is equipped with a dry pump to obtain the desired pressure, a pressure gauge allowing measurement regardless of the gas composition inside the chamber, and a gas dosing and plasma generation system.

Control of the system operation, including the maximum time of pumping out the chamber, pressure during the process, and chamber rotation parameters, is carried out using a controller, enabling the selection of an appropriate activation program.

The interaction of plasma with processed details leads to surface modification, especially in its structure and physicochemical properties. The cause of these phenomena is the high reactivity of the ionized gas. For this reason, plasma is used, among others, for surface cleaning, surface activation, changing hydrophobicity, and sterilization by killing microorganisms. Plasma treatment is a clean technology that allows for limiting the formation of contaminants by excluding the use of chemicals.

The most significant device features:

  • A system designed for plasma surface activation

  • The use of low-pressure oxygen plasma, the possibility of generating plasma of other gases

  • Ensuring homogeneous surface activation by rotating the basket

  • Possibility of cooling the chamber with water

  • Fully automatic system controlled by the controller


System do plazmowej aktywacji powierzchni


System dimensions Width: 1450 mm
Depth: 2500 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Dimensions of the detail basket 650x470x300 mm
Basket material Stainless steel
Basket weight About 10 kg
Basket rotation speed adjustable in the range of 1-60 rpm
Dry pump pumping speed over 150 m³/h
Time to pump out the chamber to obtain a pressure of 0,1 mbar 2-4 min
Pressure during the process 0,1 to 1 mbar
Frequency of the plasma generation source 60-80 kHz
Power of the plasma generation source adjustable in range 0-5000W
Controller Siemens S7-1200