Ue Efrr

System for testing the properties of thermocouples

The spatial positioning system of the electrodes of the experimental thermoemission electricity generator is a system that facilitates prototyping. Emitter and collector prototypes can be heated up in vacuum conditions. The system consists of three main components: manipulator handle, emitter handle, and collector handle. The system is designed to be mounted on a vacuum chamber.

The most significant device features:

  • Designed to test interactions between two electrodes
  • Made in UHV standard
  • Possibility of obtaining pressure <10-10mbar
  • Heating up to 1400°C
  • The manipulator ensures smooth and accurate movement and no change in the angle of the emitter holder
  • Possibility of mounting on a chamber placed on a frame, enabling easy access to individual mechanical components



from room temperature up to  1400°C

reached pressures  <10-10 mbar 
Water supply using polyurethane tubes with a diameter of 6 or 8 mm
Change of water temperature during the experiment not greater than 0,5°C
Clamps for emitter and collector holder made of 316L steel or titanium