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Dsc 6173 Kadr

Optical cryostat adapted to the superconducting electromagnet (TeraGaN) 

The TeraGaN system is a cryostat adapted to a superconducting electromagnet. It enables obtaining temperatures below 10 K without liquid helium usage, i.e., using a Pulse tube cryogenic head operating in a closed circuit.

The system consists of a cryostat connected to a vacuum chamber and mounted on a frame that allows the system insertion into the superconducting electromagnet. Additionally, the frame minimizes vibrations inside the cryostat.

The device has been designed to enable the terahertz radiation introduction through sapphire or specially made Teflon or TPX windows into the vacuum chamber containing cryogenic elements and shields to analyze the processes taking place inside the research head.

The most significant device features:

  • Obtaining a temperature below 10 K in no longer than 36 hours
  • Pulse tube cryogenic head
  • Closed circuit cooling
  • Cryostat adapted to a superconducting electromagnet (magnetic induction up to 9 Tesla)
  • Made of non-magnetic elements
  • The cryostat frame allows horizontal and vertical movement within a range of ±25 mm
  • Dedicated to the analysis of processes and phenomena occurring at low temperatures and in the presence of an electromagnetic field


Temperature change range <10 K – 330 K with an accuracy of up to 1K
Temperature acquisition time <10 K no longer than 36 hours
Time to reach room temperature no longer than 5 hours
Material made of non-magnetic materials – 316LN, aluminum, copper

mobile, with the possibility of adjusting the height in the range ±25 mm.

equipped with feet ensuring the stability of the system