Ue Efrr

UHV reaction chamber with manipulator for breaking samples

The chamber is adapted to be integrated with the existing system owned by the customer. The design allows samples to be heated in a quartz chamber, ensuring no contact of the sample with the getter materials during sample heating. The system consists of two vacuum chambers: a heating and testing chamber. The sample can be transferred from any vacuum chamber to the supplied system by linear transfer with magnetic coupling under UHV conditions.

The most significant device features:

  • vacuum chambers: heating and testing, connected by UHV gate valves
  • linear transfer to transfer samples under UHV conditions
  • heating chamber: quartz tube with a blind end or a narrowing enabling the connection of a shielding gas
  • the sample is in a quartz shield during heating
  • the test chamber is equipped with electrical connections for a 4-point resistance measurement method, a UHV vacuum gauge, and an observation window
UHV Reaction Chamber


Chamber tightness

no worse than 10ˉ⁹ mbar*l/s

Quartz tube heating up to 1000°C
Heating samples in the capture station up to 300°C
Vacuum measurement

absolute pressure measurement head: 10 mbar

Pirani type head up to 10ˉ³ mbar

Pump system

a turbomolecular pump with a speed of at least 60 l/s, a pre-pump and a control system

Frame enabling integration with other existing vacuum chambers