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Magnetron 2" z przesłoną

Magnetron sources

Magnetron sources enable the deposition of thin, metallic, and non-metallic layers using the PVD technique (physical vapor deposition). Magnetron sputtering is carried out in the atmosphere of a working gas, e.g. argon. The construction of magnetrons allows the gas to be supplied directly above the target. The offered magnetron sources are adapted to targets of various sizes (1″, 2″, 3″) and enable the deposition of layers in the DC (from conductive targets) and RF mode (non-conductive targets).

The most significant features of magnetron sources:

  • intended for thin layers deposition by magnetron sputtering
  • adapted to both metallic and non-metallic targets of various sizes
  • enable gas supply directly above the target
  • can be equipped with a chimney limiting side spraying, reducing contamination during co-deposition (from a larger number of sources)
  • equipped with a shutter
  • tight, welded construction