Ue Efrr

A set of electromagnets for magnetic field generation

The set of electromagnets is designed to generate a uniform magnetic field and is used to study the anisotropic properties of thin magnetic and ferromagnetic films and spin electronics devices. The system of magnets allows to set any angle of the direction vector in the plane in the range of 360°. The device enables the analysis of electronic components whose properties depend on the direction of the external magnetic field by providing a stable, uniform magnetic field with the possibility of precise control of the direction of the magnetic field.

The device is covered by patent protection: Pat.229635.

The most significant device features:

  • A system of four magnetic field concentrators placed on a square frame
  • External closed magnetic circuit
  • Uniform magnetic field (uniform field strength and direction over a 5×5 mm sample area)
  • Maximum small magnetic hysteresis


Frame dimentions 410×410 mm
Dimensions of the profile forming the frame 50×50 mm

External magnetic circuit material

Magnetic field concentrator material

pure iron (99,85%)
The diameter of the magnetic field concentrators 36 mm
The diameter of the end elements of the magnetic field concentrators 30 mm