Ue Efrr

Optical cryostat with cryogenic head type CH-204-M

The device is equipped with an adapter for mounting the high-pressure chamber into the cryostat and an adapter with a clamping element for connecting the high-pressure chamber to the cold finger. The high-pressure chamber has a cylindrical shape with an additional clamping ring. It is possible to connect a gas pass to enable the operation of the membrane mechanism without raising the temperature of the cryostat.

The most significant device features:

  • Can be adapted to be connected to a high-pressure chamber
  • Temperature range: from below 10 K to 500 K
  • Cooling in a closed circuit using the CH-204-M cryogenic head
  • Cryostat equipped with vacuum connections enabling the configuration of electrical feedthroughs as desired
  • Adapted to measurements using an optical microscope


Cooling time to 10K 100 minutes (refers to cryostat cooling without sample and sample holder)
Cryostat cold finger cooling time from room temperature to 10 K no longer than 120 minutes
Cooling power 2,5 W ≤10 K
Operating range 10 – 500 K
Accuracy of temperature setting no worse than 1 K
Power requirements 50 Hz, 230/240 VAC, 1 phase, 2,6 kW
Cooling water demand 2.7 l/min at temperature 4-27°C
Pump set turbomolecular with a turbo pump pumping speed above 30 l/s and a dry pre-vacuum pump
ensures obtaining a pressure not higher than 1∙10ˉ ³ mbar in no more than 10 minutes