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Napylarka LPNW01 do metalizacji powierzchni i nanoszenia cienkich warstw

Compact sputtering system LPNW01

A compact benchtop vacuum sputtering system for surface metalization is equipped with a container for transferring samples in a controlled atmosphere between the application chamber and the glove box. The device enables the thermal deposition of coatings using the PVD technique (physical vapor deposition) through evaporation or sublimation of the deposited substance. The offered system is characterized by a compact design therefore, it can be used in both large and smaller laboratories.

The most significant device features:

  • Designed for thin layers deposition by physical vapor deposition (PVD) method
  • The deposition chamber enables the connection of two crucibles (sources) and two independent shutters adapted to the crucibles, thanks to which it is possible to cover each crucible independently
  • Two independent sources enable the evaporation of the following compounds: Au, Cr, Al, Ag, LiF, Ca.
  • Possibility of using a loading chamber with linear transfer
  • Adapted to a container enabling sample transfer to the glove box in a protective gas atmosphere, which makes it possible to transfer the sample without contact with the external environment. It allows for avoid contamination or undesirable oxidation of the sample.
  • Obtaining a vacuum at the level below 10ˉ⁷


Layer deposition technique Thermal (sublimation or evaporation under the influence of temperature)
Sources number 2 independant
Applied compounds Au, Cr, Al, Ag, LiF, Ca.
Deposition temperature sublimation or evaporation temperature in the range of up to 1500°C
Sample introduction

loading chamber

Adapted to a container for transferring the sample in a protective gas atmosphere, e.g. to and from the glove box

Pumping speed 50 l/s
Pressure obtained

10ˉ⁷ mbar in 120 minutes

When using a loading chamber and preliminary pumping out of the chamber, the time to obtain a pressure of 10ˉ⁷ is less than 15 minutes.

Size of substrates

75×75 mm

Possibility to use a steel mask allowing the use of smaller substrates

Control of deposited layers

Quartz crystal microbalance

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