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PVDS 700 Coating deposition system

The PVDS 700 coating deposition system is a device based on the thermal thin-layer deposition method. Under the influence of vacuum and heating to high temperatures, various materials could quickly evaporate or sublime. The resulting vapors can travel directly to the target without interaction with background gases. When the atoms reach the target surface, they bond to it and form a thin layer. The deposition rate depends on the temperature of the evaporating material and is specific to the material and geometry of the chamber.

The most significant device features:

  • Designed for physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings
  • A system consisting of two process chambers and a load-lock loading chamber
  • Chamber 1: for applying metallic layers
  • Chamber 2: for applying organic layers
  • Moving samples between chambers using linear transfer
  • Frame integrated with pump and power supply system controller


Vacuum standard

Deposition chambers:
UHV standard, CF standard flanges. Elastomer seals are used to facilitate access when required.

Loading chamber:
UHV standard, CF/KF standard flanges. Quick access door sealed with elastomer seals.

Pumping system

Deposition chamber 1:
Agilent TPS-flexy turbomolecular pumping system (X1699-64041) with TwisTorr 74 FS turbo pump, IDP-3 dry scroll pump and TwisTorr 74 FS AG controller

Deposition chamber 2:
Turbo molecular pump system, Edwards T-Station 85H Dry CF63 200-240V TS85D3001

Loading chamber:
Edwards NXDS20i dry Scroll vacuum pump

Evaporation sources

Deposition chamber 1:
1. Evaporation source with ceramic crucible and tungsten heater for evaporation of metals with low sublimation temperature e.g. aluminum
2. Evaporation source with a heater for evaporating metals with a higher sublimation temperature, e.g. Cr

Deposition chamber 2:
Evaporation source with ceramic crucible and tungsten heater for organic materials evaporation

Process control Quartz Crystal Microbalance for deposition rate / layer thickness control with water cooling capability
Sample table

Deposition chamber 1:
Rotary, IR heated up to 400°C

Deposition chamber 2:
LN2 static cooling with manual heat transfer rate control and internal heater for temperature stabilization. Temperature range from -195°C up to 50°C

Loading chamber:

Shutter Manual
Pressure indicator

Deposition chamber 1:
Bayard-Alpert type hot cathode ionizer. InstruTech IGM401 Hornet™. Pressure measuring range: from 1.00e-9 to 5.00e-2 Torr

Deposition chamber 2:
Bayard-Alpert type hot cathode ionizer with integrated Pirani Edwards WRG-S-DN40CF. Pressure measurement range: from 1.00e-9 Torr to atmosphere

Loading chamber:
Piranha type indicator. InstruTech CVM211 Stinger™. The pressure measurement range of the pressure gauge is: from 1.00e-4 to 1000 Torr

Special features

Deposition chamber 1:
2-point probe for measuring heat capacity

Deposition chamber 2:
LN2 cryostat for sample table

Loading chamber:
Quick access door

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