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Parowarka termiczna umożliwiająca nanoszenie powłok PVD (cienkich warstw)

Thermal sources for thin layer deposition

Thermal sources enable the PVD deposition (physical vapour deposition technique) of coatings and thin layers by evaporating various substances at temperatures up to 1300°C.  Evaporators are made to the UHV standard. Therefore, they are designed for direct installation in the application chamber.  

The most significant features of thermal sources

  • intended for thin layers deposition using the PVD technique (physical vapor deposition)
  • standard equipment of the evaporator: vacuum part built on DN63CF flanges and equipped with a water-cooled thermal shield, water inlets, manually controlled shutters, thermocouple for measuring the temperature around the crucible, water-cooled electrodes supplying power to the filament
  • it can work in the filament current supplying controlling or the temperature in the filament area stabilizing mode
  • adapted for multiple depositions after a single loading of the crucible to obtain clean layers without admixtures, e.g., oxides of the applied metal.


Evaporation temperature Up to 1300°C
Thermoregulator operating parameters:
Temperature stabilization in the range 0-400°C Resolution: 0,1°C
Temperature stabilization in the range 0-1300°C Resolution: 1°C
Power supply Operation in the current range 0-40 A
Voltage up to 15 V

See also our solutions for thin-layer deposition, including a compact sputtering system. It consists of two independent evaporators for thermal PVD deposition, thus enabling the parallel application of two different compounds. In addition, this device is equipped with a linear transfer for transferring samples between the deposition chamber and the glove box. In this way, the sample is protected against contamination and oxidation.

We also offer magnetron sources enabling ion sputtering of the target material to deposit thin metallic and non-metallic layers. We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the Magnetron system for coating deposition. In addition, we offer sputtering system that combines thermal and magnetron methods of applying layers.